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Posted on December 2018 By ersg

​Its been a big year for wind and renewable energy sources.

In Europe, countries have committed to reaching their own national renewable targets which range from 10% in Malta to 49% in Sweden. EU countries agreed in 2014 on a new renewable energy target of at least 27% of EU’s final energy consumption by 2030, as part of the EU's energy and climate goals for 2030. Offshore wind is likely to contribute to this in the coming year with a record year for new projects and by 2020 it is expected there will be 25GW of grid-connected offshore wind

The European wind industry has a 40% share of all the turbines sold globally and exports €8bn pa in technology and services however experts have pointed out that the sharp fall in the cost of renewables would allow for higher targets without increasing budgets in the coming years. 

In the US the wind industry grew 9% in 2017, they have added an additional 1644 MW in Q1-Q3 2018 and now has 54,000 wind turbines in 41 states, it is now the largest source of renewable generating capacity in the country. The burgeoning Offshore Wind industry promises further growth in renewable energy with the wind technology office supporting a $41 million national offshore wind R&D consortium to facilitate the development of the US offshore wind industry and in 2018 the US Department of Energy selected the NYSERDA as administrator of the consortium.


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