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Posted on January 2019 By ersg

​A the start of every year we get the opportunity (or feel like we do) to start over. What are your resolutions or changes that you want to make to your life this year? Looking after yourself more? Spending more time with the family? Earning more money? Looking at new jobs in recruitment?

Your workplace environment, employer, colleagues, role you carry out etc has a big effect on your life and day to day, results in you spending more time with your colleagues and in an office environment than you do at home so it's important to ensure your happiness and mental wellbeing.

Officially in many studies across the globe there are 3 points that continually appear in the top 5 of what workers look for to ensure workplace happiness and constitute a good employer:
1) Good salary 2) Career advancement and 3) An organisations reputation.

1) A salary means many things, the opportunity to go on holidays, buy the car you want, treat the kids or yourself to things you just want when you see them. To many it means a great deal more, it reflects you.... Are you paid what you feel you put in? Do you make the company you work for the money for the owner to buy a new private jet or does your boss believe in paying you fairly for the hard work you put in?

2) Career advancement the next in the top 5. We work hard, we complete the role we do well and we strive to improve ourselves in our learning and progression. Advancing in your career rather than being sat static in the same old job for years, doing the same mundane tasks day in and day out doesn't give you much to get excited about. It may not even be your bosses fault - it could be the heirachy set up that the company has put in place which stops you from moving up through the ranks as you should do. This advancement in our careers is essential to keep us motivated and enjoying our work.

3) Lastly, who wants to work for an organisation that people think are rubbish or morally wrong?? The company we work for reflects on us as individuals and if you work for a company who is renowned for ripping their customers off then so it will be a reflection on yourself, if you work for a company whos customers are not receiving a good service the same applies. Additionally what a demotivating situation to be in where constant complaints or negative comments are the norm.


Opening in Bromley, Greater London in 2008, ERSG set out to take the energy recruitment market by storm. Specialising in Wind, the sector covered onshore and offshore wind, as the team and company grew, new teams were required to help service the additional markets that go hand in hand such as Marine and subsea, Power Generation and I.T. to name a few.
The dedicated recruitment consultants, many of whom have been here since early inception, have grown with the business and have teams of their own, all this ensuring that the recruiters who have come on board have the specific knowledge of the dedicated sector in which they work.

Over time ERSG found that further offices were required in other countries so they could find and mobilise specialist workers even more efficiently than they previously had and opened offices in Germany, the Netherlands and two in the USA in Seattle and Orlando, 2019 brings the expansion of our UK HQ premises, an expansion & move for our Netherlands office and a further office in the US located in Boston.

ERSG have a clear, set pay and career growth structure which advances as you do and a market leading commission scheme, this ensures the output to the client continues to be second to none, ERSG maintain market leader status and ensures our staff are satisfied in their work.

It's an exciting time to join the family so check out our latest recruitment jobs and email us on [email protected] to find out more.