IT Technical Lead - Offshore Wind Developer

場所 日本
給料 ¥7500000.00 - ¥10000000 per annum
ジョブタイプ 正社員
分野 洋上風力発電
レファレンス BBBH17101_1655169539

Responsibilities/ 仕事内容

* Perform daily system health checks, address issues, documenting results, including maintaining of systems performance and troubleshooting outages within specified Service Level Agreements


* Lead assigned infrastructure projects and provide subject matter expertise to diagnose and remedy system and infrastructure issues escalated by the business, project stakeholders and/or other members of the IT/OT team

*割り当てられたインフラストラクチャプロジェクトを主導し、主題の専門知識を提供して、ビジネス、プロジェクトの利害関係者、および/またはIT / OTチームの他のメンバーによってエスカレートされたシステムとインフラストラクチャの問題を診断および修正します。

* Collaborate with the Managed Services team on any system issues and alerts


* Perform quality control checks on the infrastructure environment


* Act as a site level escalation point for IT/OT

*IT / OTのサイトレベルのエスカレーションポイントとして機能します


* Bachelor's degree in computer science or equivalent would be an asset


* 5 years of experience as a network / systems administrator with a proven track record of excellent service


* 3 to 5 years of experience supporting an OT/ICS environment with an understanding of SCADA systems and the importance within the environment.

*SCADAシステムと環境内での重要性を理解したOT / ICS環境をサポートした3〜5年の経験。

* Understanding of Plant Operations Technology (OT) equipment and operation reliance


* Working knowledge of regional IT/OT compliance requirements

*地域のIT / OTコンプライアンス要件に関する実務知識

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