Vision & Values

The partner of choice

Our vision is to be the partner of choice for clients, candidate & employees within the global energy, renewables, power, engineering & built markets.

We seek to create a better world for our planet & people, by sourcing talent for a sustainable tomorrow. Our values and promise are embodied in everything we do, demonstrating purpose.

We are Enthusiastic

We are bold. We inspire. We seek to bring solutions to challenges. We commit to quality and enthusiasm in everything we do.

"ersg have proven to be a true asset to the project and seem to be one of the few, if not, the only staffing provider with the experience, enthusiasm, in-depth knowledge and talent pool within the industry".

- Client Testimonial

We are Reliable

We are responsive. We are collaborative. We communicate. We get the job done.

"ersg have demonstrated a very strong understanding of the offshore wind sector and an excellent network of candidates within the market. I have always experienced a reliable, high quality, cost effective manpower provision of skilled individuals and often under tight deadlines."

- Client Testimonial

We are Specialists

We are vertical experts. We are knowledgeable. We are pioneers. We innovate.

"I have worked with ersg for 7 years and found their identification, selection and recruitment second to none. They have the depth of knowledge in the renewable sector that allows them to continuously identify individuals".

- Contractor Testimonial

We are Genuine

We are honest. We are transparent. We care. We do what we say.

"We indicated that the wellbeing of the client reps was really important, particularly throughout the pandemic. ersg provided knowledge, experience, compassion and genuine care to all workers and successfully hired the workers required."

- Client Testimonial