Success Stories

''work HARD, dream BIG''

We have lots of success stories at ersg due to our clear progression plans!

Kelly Wyatt ersg

Kelly Wyatt

Bromley - Business Manager

I started at ersg in 2019 as an Associate Consultant with 0 recruitment experience. I quickly got stuck in and put in the hours to learn everything I could as I was eager to progress. Within the space of 3 years, I have been promoted 4 times and extremely proud to be the 1st female business manager in the UK office and top biller.

You can do anything you put your mind to and ersg help you become the best version of yourself.

Heather Jones ersg

Heather Jones-Hughes

Bromley - Business Manager

I joined ersg in October 2020 following redundancy due to the pandemic. After 20 years of sales experience but no recruitment or industry experience I was grateful for the opportunity. I joined the business as an Associate Consultant and within in 6 months I was promoted to Consultant.

With fantastic training and ongoing support from my manager within 12 months I became a Senior consultant, then principle consultant. I continued to work hard and increase my industry knowledge and I am now a Business Manager.

There is a very clear progression path and generous commission structure in place so with the help of management team you can easily set and achieve your goals. I feel valued and supported in my journey at ersg.

Kris Braakensiek ersg

Kris Braakensiek

Bromley - Business Manager

I joined ersg in December 2015 as a Delivery Consultant to learn the renewables industry as much as I could and was then promoted to a Consultant. I then moved up to a Business Manager within 3 years, I currently manage a team of 7 people who cover our international Foundation division!

ersg have seen me grow as a professional and as an individual during my 7 years so far, watching me grow a beard, have children, get engaged and make a career from my skillset! Here is to the next 20 years!

Katie Evans ersg

Katie Evans

Business Support Manager

After joining as a Contracts and Compliance Administrator in February 2018, by November 2018 I was promoted to Business Support Manager. ersg has a clear structure in place for progression and earnings. If you want to discuss anything regarding your role, progression and pay – the door is always open.

The best thing about ersg is the employees, everyone is lovely, and we all get on so well!

Hailey Sherwood ersg

Hailey Sherwood

Seattle - Business Manager

While my career path at ersg might look seamless on paper, behind the promotions and awards there have countless failures. My biggest success has been developing the muscle of resilience and learning how to think beyond how I feel when those setbacks inevitably happen. The lessons that I have learned here have made me a better, personally and professionally.

Vishal Bhatti ersg

Vishal Bhatti

Bromley - Business Manager

I won newcomer of the year in 2020 and very quickly became the fastest consultant to become a business manager. I am now building out a team of consultants within the QHSE vertical to ensure ERSG continue to be the most effective manpower provider.

I have hit many milestones within life and the hunger does not stop! Together with the clear career progression and sheer motivation at ersg, I have created a path which has allowed me to earn a lot of money in the future.

Charlotte Harradine ersg

Charlotte Harradine

International Compliance and Contracts Manager

I joined ersg in 2017 after leaving sixth form. I started as an Office Administrator, shortly then promoted to a contracts and compliance administrator, I then moved over to the Legal team as the International Compliance Co-Ordinator and have now been promoted to International Compliance and Contracts Manager.

ersg has a great working environment and they will really push you to develop further if it is something you enjoy. They see skills in people and act upon them, promoting to new roles.

Warren Joseph ersg

Warren Joseph

Bromley - Business Manager

I joined ersg in April 2018 as a delivery consultant and was promoted within a year. I left the company in April 2021 and returned in July 2021 as an Associate Consultant on the Foundations Engineering team, within a year I received 4 promotions.

I trusted ersg to guide my career which has now put me in a position where I am earning money I didn’t think would be possible and have already started building my own team. It's given me an opportunity to be a Manager and have a clear view on how my team will grow in the near future enabling me to follow the path to Divisional Director.

My manager motivates me on a day to day basis, guides me, gives me feedback to enable me to become a better manager and gives me tips with business development which has put me in the position where I have won several tenders and signed terms with numerous clients.

I come to work, I enjoy the people around me, I laugh every day whilst continuously making placements every week. I wouldn’t want to work anywhere else than ersg!

Giovanni ersg

Giovanni Rusmanto

Netherlands - Principle Delivery Consultant

I started out as a Delivery Consultant in the Dutch office in May 2018, and I had no previous experience in the Offshore Wind industry. But I always had an interest in the Renewables transition phase we are globally in. With a lot of self-research and experience on the job like speaking with a lot of contractors in the industry and help of colleagues, I made the work my own. Currently I realized a valuable network of contacts in the industry to work and to connect business opportunities with.

After 10 months I achieved my first promotion and my 2nd promotion after 6 months. I’m very proud of the amount of energy, work and service we as an office put into and as result to see our Dutch office grow. Currently I’m working as Principal Delivery Consultant and almost on my next promotion. At ERSG we have a good mix of people of all various backgrounds, and we work hard to play hard!

Maddie Streek ersg

Maddie Streek

Senior International Pay & Bill Team Lead

I joined ersg in Oct 2017 as a temp Administrative Support Assistant and was then promoted to a Payroll Assistant, within 2.5 years I have been promoted 3 times.

ersg are very supportive and willing to help guide a career path that suits you the most, whether that be in the managerial side or technical side. I would highly recommend working for ersg!