With the offshore wind market playing a key role in Americas renewable energy growth The New York Power Authority has released their latest report: ‘Offshore Wind – A European Perspective.

Following the launch of Block Island Wind Farm in 2016 many states along the Northeast coast have set their own goals with an expected 19 GW of offshore wind by 2035. This, in contrast to Europe’s currently installed, 18GW capacity and expected 70GW by 2028 enables key learning opportunities from Europe.

The report examines transmission and interconnection strategies as well as factors to enable countries to lower its costs over time.

Included in the report are the key takeaways to guide development of offshore wind in the US which include:

  • The most effective path to low cost wind is through scale and healthy competition

  • The offshore transmission model used is dependant on a variety of physical and non-physical factors including geography.

  • Visible, long term grid planning on and offshore, removes barriers to entry, improves coordination and lowers costs.

  • Cross-border coordination helps countries leverage planned transmission infrastructure, achieve resource flexibility and gain economies of scale.

John Bruckner, president of National Grid NY, states, “This well-researched report is very important for New York as it draws upon the extensive European experience with offshore wind. We’re pleased to have shared with NYPA and others our direct experience in the United Kingdom with offshore wind interconnections and transmission. We think it will be very helpful as we transition to a cleaner energy future.”

“As New York gears up for the rapid development of offshore wind under Governor Cuomo’s leadership, having a better understanding of Europe’s already thriving industry will provide key insights as we look to build a skilled workforce and develop our ports,” says Thomas Falcone, CEO of LIPA. “This study will help evolve our state’s clean energy goals and spur further economic development.”

Jim Ryan CEO of ERSG added “The report is instrumental for enabling New York state and the East Coast of the US in learning and making key decisions in the installation and operation of offshore wind drawing from Europe’s experience and knowledge. Having operated in Europe for over ten years out of three offices in London, Hamburg and Amsterdam, with an additional three offices in the US in Seattle, Orlando and Boston, ERSG are well placed to assist in providing the manpower solutions to the US to enable their renewable targets to be met.”

Read the full reporthere.