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Global Framework - Europe

Client needed to reduce time to hire & deploy workers quicky, ensuring critical on/offshore projects were met on time and at cost.


  • Utilised networks/offices to identify the best candidates.

  • Committed to a 48 hour deploy timeframe.

  • Various roles filled across projects within the same day.

  • Further engaged to support Spanish onshore projects.


  • Sourced 1300+ personnel.

  • We are currently the leading preferred supplier & supplied 55% of their global contingent workforce.

“Since 2010, ersg has supplied in excess of 1000 placements working within the full project lifecycle from design, engineering & PMO functions through to offshore construction. ersg have demonstrated a very strong understanding of the offshore wind sector and an excellent network of candidates within the market. I have always experienced high-quality, cost-effective manpower provision of skilled individuals and often under tight deadlines. I have found the team to be supportive and efficient and any issues that arise are dealt with swiftly and professionally.”

– Client Testimonial