Offshore Wind Farm, US

ersg construction and engineering contractor ersg

Targeted Search - US

We were tasked to find a Community Liaison Officer for a leading US wind farm. Our client was having difficulty finding personnel for the Client/Community Liaison Officer position for their project.


  • Attended industry events, career fairs, community colleges to attract candidates before they had finished their education.

  • Ran multiple recruitment campaigns across transferrable industries, entering and speaking to local communities to find best skills.

  • Utilised our in-house database CRM, holding over 500k registered candidates.


  • Placed the candidate quickly & was rapidly promoted.

"In 2020, we chose to partner with ersg, a specialist recruitment agency within the offshore wind sector, and have not been disappointed. To date, they have supported us on a number of strategic roles within the procurement, financial, project management and operations teams and have consistently supplied the highest quality of candidates who fit the roles we are recruiting, whilst also developing great relationships with us. This, in turn, has helped the project progress with the best possible staff and allowed us to focus on other areas, knowing that ersg will deliver. I have no hesitation recommending ersg as they have proven to be a true asset to the project and seem to be one of the few, if not the only staffing provider with the experience, in-depth knowledge, and talent pool within the US Offshore wind industry.”

- Chief Executive Officer