Spotlight: Meet the Fabrications & Foundations team!

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Spotlight: Meet the Fabrications & Foundations team!

Foundations & Fabrications Spotlight!

Meet our dedicated Engineering, QHSE, Fabrication and Inspection team!

As the world moves towards its sustainability goals, the renewable energy field is constantly growing and evolving. ersg’s Foundations division are working hard to source experienced personnel at all levels, providing vital manpower for engineering quality, inspection and fabrication. They work closely with Developers, Engineering firms, EPCI contractors and Fabrication companies around the globe to supply manpower services, permanent recruitment, and consultancy services.

15% of all workers are employed within this sector, and its success is vital for the continued development of renewable energies. As a team, their goals are forward-thinking and future orientated, dedicated to helping the world reach NetZero.

“As a division, we partner with our clients to help build a better future for all, pushing the boundaries of technology and innovation to hit NetZero! We want to be seen as a key part of the industry supply chain where our expertise can be lent on to overcome the recruitment challenges that are becoming prevalent, such as skills transferring and upskilling. Let’s make a greener future!” – ersg Foundations Team

A Look at The Team

Kris Braakensiek leads the Foundation Engineering, QHSE team. He orchestrates targeted talent acquisition strategies to propel the growth of top-tier professionals within the burgeoning offshore wind sector. By merging industry insight with recruitment expertise, he ensures the alignment of skilled individuals with pivotal roles, fostering innovation and success in this rapidly evolving field. Leading a team consisting of Theon Denton (Quality/ISO), Elvina Hasani (Floating Wind Technology), Klaidas Rudis (Permanent Recruitment) & Bailey Driver (Delivery)

“Kris was always professional and friendly, very punctual in responding to questions and communication was excellent! I felt like Kris was working hard at all times in the best interest of the deal, and it was clear he had the confidence of the Contractor. A great experience and I look forward to work with him over the next couple of years!”

Emily Beale is the divisions offshore wind Senior Account manager, Emily excels in navigating the complexities of the renewable energy sector, fostering strategic relationships, and orchestrating seamless project implementations. Her commitment to optimising energy solutions and her adept communication skills position Emily as a catalyst for success in driving sustainable offshore wind initiatives with our key clients.

“As a contractor working on behalf of the Offshore Wind Developer through ERSG, I’ve been working with Emily for the last 12 months and I can only say that she actively contributes to the success of the project by always being available, organized and more importantly taking a solution-oriented approach”. – Client recommendation


Warren Joseph is a Foundation Engineering recruitment professional in offshore wind, specialising in identifying and placing top-tier talent with expertise in structural and T&I engineering, ensuring the success and stability of offshore wind projects. My focus is on connecting skilled professionals with opportunities that drive innovation and excellence in the dynamic field of

foundation engineering for renewable energy. Warren is supported by Tim Curtis (T&I) and Kacy Palmer (Delivery).

“Warren is one of the really good guys in the offshore recruitment market. He has helped me to start on numerous jobs and provides a focused "one to one" placement service, ensuring that both employer and candidate are the optimum match. He always helped me throughout the entire process and kept me updated and in the loop without having to chase him. He gave me all the information required to be successful. Warren is a true asset to ERSG. It is without hesitation that I recommend working for/with Warren.”


Klemen Kriznar is a fabrication recruitment professional, he specialises in sourcing and placing skilled candidates within the manufacturing and fabrication industry, ensuring the right talents contribute to the success and efficiency of diverse projects. His expertise lies in connecting qualified professionals with opportunities that align with their skills and the evolving needs of the fabrication sector. Klemen is supported by Sam Fotheringham (Welding and Coating Inspection), Elena Capraroiu (Account Manager) & Oliver Mean (Delivery).

“I was in charge of a renewables project that required 30 Quality inspectors to join our site urgently. Our PSL had 3 agencies, but none of them could find the right candidates within our budget and timeframe. Our procurement team put me in touch with Klemen via email on the 22nd of December. Klemen got back to me right away and called me to understand our challenges. Klemen worked during the holidays and delivered all 30 inspectors ready to start at short notice. He was professional and clear in his communication and helped us avoid delays and penalties for the project completion. Since then, I only work with Klemen for my recruitment needs.”

Connor Byrne is a HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) offshore wind recruitment professional, specialising in securing and placing safety-conscious experts within the renewable energy sector, ensuring compliance and fostering a secure work environment for offshore wind projects. His role involves connecting skilled HSE professionals with opportunities that prioritize the well-being of personnel and the sustainable development of offshore wind initiatives. Connor is supported by Alfie Maniloff (Onshore HSE) and Dorina Dobrovoczky (Delivery).

“The trust and the assistance Connor provided me with since early 2022 towards the interview for the job was superb and I manged to go through all the 3 stages of the interview with comfort. There were also some issues with the client and Connor was very supportive. The follow up on us as contractors was also just superb, excellent. No doubt that I would like to work with the same team next time when I have another contract with ersg. I have learnt a lot from Connor and I feel comfortable to be called for any work with him and I know I will not be alone.” – Contractor Recommendation


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Who are ersg?

Established in 2008, ersg is an award-winning international leader in recruitment & staffing services to the global energy, renewables, engineering, power & built markets, providing white & blue collar workers to some of the most reputable global brands, with global offices in the UK, Europe, US & Asia.


How can ersg help you?

We work closely with Developers, Engineering firms, EPCI contractors and Fabrication companies around the globe to supply manpower services, permanent recruitment, and consultancy services.

At short notice, we can mobilise large teams of skilled personnel to site to support your project needs.

If you are seeking new hires in the Fabrication and Inspection sector, or a candidate looking for a role, please contact Kris Braakensiek at [email protected]