Spotlight: Meet The Technology Team!

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Spotlight: Meet The Technology Team!

Here’s a look at ersg’s IT, Design and Geospatial recruitment team!

Technologies in Renewables

Technology is a sector that needs little explanation, with much of our modern world relying on the continued development of design and IT and geospatial technologies. Renewable energy is, of course, no exception. Technologies underpin all aspects of renewables, from initial inception to installation and maintenance. All these divisions come together to build the foundation on which to help the world reach its sustainability goals, ensuring a greener future for all.

It’s with this in mind that the Technologies Team at ersg work to provide skilled candidates for these vital roles. The sector covers a wide range of jobs, spanning through IT, design, geospatial and beyond. Their recruiters work hard to leverage their extensive market and industry knowledge to source these highly specialised candidates.

A Look at The Team

Leading this department is John Samuels, utilising his over thirty years’ experience in IT recruitment in order to ensure overall project success in this sector. He joined ersg six years ago, using his extensive base of knowledge to help grow this sector of their services. He runs a large and far-reaching team, which covers an extensive list of roles, both within and outside of renewable energy.

“I have worked with John on a number of projects, and he has always been professional and consistent. He does not miss fine detail and is great in finding projects that are worthwhile and may lead to a recall of the same resources.” – LinkedIn Recommendation

John is most energised by how sector-fluid these roles can be; encompassed within this division is a wide range of highly specialised job roles spanning across IT, design and geospatial. These include positions such as data scientists and specialists, IT architecture, cyber & IT security specialists, and CAD (Computer Aided Design) & BIM (Building Information Modelling) designers and many more. While there is a focus on leveraging these candidates for renewable energy, these can be transferable across all sectors.

Although the Design and Technology markets cover an endless list of disciplines, their focus areas are currently Renewables, Energy, Engineering, Tech & Public Sectors. They have a diverse talent pool of candidates with multiple backgrounds and from junior, mid-stream to lead and senior levels. They have extensive experience of working in highly regulated markets, so compliance and compliance management is key.

Who are ersg?

Established in 2008, ersg is an award-winning international leader in recruitment & staffing services to the global energy, renewables, engineering, power & built markets, providing white & blue collar workers to some of the most reputable global brands, with global offices in the UK, Europe, US & Asia.

How can ersg help you?

Our dedicated IT and Technology team provide specialised candidates for renewable energy and beyond. At ersg, this team supply the spectrum of IT skill sets & technologies for contract and permanent specialists on a contingency, retained & consultancy basis.

If you are seeking new hires in the Technology sector, or a candidate looking for a role, please contact John Samuels at [email protected]