Eleven Energy Saving Tips to Make Your Christmas Greener

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Eleven Energy Saving Tips to Make Your Christmas Greener

As the world moves towards a sustainable future, it’s more important than ever that we all do our bit to contribute. While we work on pushing towards renewable energy on a large-scale, you can reduce your own carbon footprint (and your energy bills!) by planning ahead and thinking a little more sustainably this Christmas.

Here Are Eleven of Our Top Energy-Saving Tips for This Holiday Season.

1. Reuse or Recycle your Christmas Tree

Although you might think the least sustainable option is a plastic Christmas Tree, but if you already own one, they last a long time, and if you keep it for over ten years, it has a lower carbon impact than a felled tree.

If you do want a real tree, consider buying a potted one that can be reused each year. If you’re short on space and do want a felled tree, there are lots of Christmas recycling points where they can be disposed of sustainably.

2. Reuse Your Wrapping Paper

Using alternative wrapping papers made of newspaper or brown paper which can easily be recycled or reused for next Christmas will reduce your waste. If not, reusable gift bags are always a good option. Remember that cello tape can’t be recycled, so be sure to remove it beforehand!

3. Gift an Experience!

Lots of people report receiving Christmas gifts that they don’t want or need, that end up thrown away or forgotten. A great way to tackle this is to gift your loved-ones and experiences, making memories as well as looking after the planet!

4. Ask for Green Power

Customers can choose who supplies their energy – call your utility and as for green power, or switch to a provider that uses it already!

5. DIY Your Decorations!

Single-use decorations are a big cause of waste in the holiday season. The easiest way to tackle this is simply to re-purpose your decorations from last year. Buying high-quality durable decorations can go a long way to help with this. If not, get creative with DIY decorating!

6. Ditch the Christmas Crackers

We know it adds a little colour to your Christmas meal, but do you really need that mini toenail clipper? Is that plastic keyring going to end up thrown straight in the bin? If you want to keep to the festive tradition, consider making your own, or investing in a more sustainable option, such as recyclable or eco-friendly crackers.

7. Remember to Recycle

We all accumulate an alarming amount of rubbish over the Christmas holiday season, but keeping on top of your recycling can be an easy way to tackle the sustainability dilemma that comes with that. Stay on top of which materials can and cannot be recycled in your local area, and try not to mix any food waste in with the recyclables.

8. Swap to Plant-Based Alternatives!

Animal products are one of the main causes of global carbon emissions, so replacing as many items as possible in your Christmas dinner will go a long way towards reducing your personal carbon footprint.

9. Reduce Food Waste

Planning can go a long way to help reduce food waste. Whether this looks like cooking less or only making-to-order, or finding creative ways to re-purpose your leftovers, there are lots of ways to save your Christmas dinner from the bin!

10. Shop Local and Independent

This one speaks for itself, if you’re going to be buying a lot of gifts, shop independent and local wherever you can. Try to find gifts that are going to last, and things that people actually want and will use long-term.

11. Use LED Christmas Lights

We all love celebrating the festive season with an explosion of fairy lights. LED lights use much less energy than traditional bulbs, saving the environment as well as lowering your winter

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