How Can RPO’s Help the Renewables Industry?

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How Can RPO’s Help the Renewables Industry?

The renewable energy industry has been booming in recent years, with the world making proactive steps towards a low-carbon economy. Despite this significant development, projects are facing challenges for these larger-scale projects. Talent shortages within the industry pose a significant threat to the growing market, with companies struggling to find quality hires with relevant skills on a large scale.

This leaves Renewable Energy organisations with the option of either building their own internal talent acquisition team or trying to recruit internally. If those options drain time and resources for an organisation, Resource Process Outsourcing (RPO) offers a solution that could remove the burden of hire from employers.

What is an RPO?

Resource Process Outsourcing (RPO) is a type of business process outsourcing which is designed to assist employers in their hiring process through taking on part or all the recruiting for a project. RPO’s vary depending on provider and the specific needs of the employer, and the service has grown more popular in recent years, specifically for small and middle scale domains.

RPO solutions lessen the administrative burden of hiring large amounts of people, covering responsibilities such as: planning, marketing, screening for hire, interviewing, onboarding, and candidate care. It helps employers navigate recruiting uncertainties and reduces their time-to-hire, ensuring projects get off the ground as quickly as possible.


How Can RPO Help the Renewables Industry

The ever-changing renewables market presents a complicated challenge for organizations, and RPOs may provide a helpful solution to these hiring demands, helping the world stay on track to meet international NetZero targets.

Starting a new project in this fast-growing industry comes with an administrative burden of talent acquisition on a large scale. RPO solutions help tackle talent shortages, save companies time and money on resourcing candidates from an extensive network of candidates worldwide.

This not only removes the pressure of finding high-quality hires, but RPO services can find candidates with transferable skills from parallel industries. It may also be able to close the talent shortages gap by improving the candidate experience, attracting more people into this vital industry.


ERSG RPO Offering

RPO offerings may vary, but here at ersg we offer a comprehensive service that includes branded advertising across all media platforms, candidate screening and interviewing, facilitating drug testing and full background checks. We work as you in the market, complimenting your existing capabilities by working on-site with your HR and recruitment teams.

Our flexible RPO service can support both small and large-scale projects, and our specialist recruiters empower you in your projects. We can improve the quality of hires by helping you navigate recruiting uncertainties and reducing your time-to-hire.

If you think RPO might be right for your renewable energy projects, visit our website, where you can find more information on our services, or contact Victoria Payne at [email protected]

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