Let's Talk About: Client Reps

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Let's Talk About: Client Reps

Welcome to our ‘Let’s Talk About’ blog series, where we’ll be exploring elements of the Renewable Energy industry in order to educate and inspire within this growing sector and taking a deep dive into key roles and practices. Whether you’re a company looking to hire, or a candidate interested in working in the industry, ersg have everything you need to know. 

In this instalment, we explore Client Representatives, what they do, what makes an ideal candidate, and how ersg can help. 

What is a Client Representative?

Client representatives are essential to the offshore wind industry, as they serve as a critical link between the client and other parties, such as contractors, suppliers, and regulatory bodies. They facilitate effective communication, manage risks, ensure quality, oversee compliance, and contribute to the overall success of the project by aligning activities with the client's goals. Their involvement helps maintain clear goals and outcomes, accountability, and a client-focused approach throughout the project lifecycle. 

The Renewables industry is booming, with the number of people employed in Client Rep roles growing by approximately 10% in this last year alone. There is always high demand for skilled professionals, with hiring hotspots in the UK being London, Tyneside, Greater Middlesbrough, Greater Aberdeen, and Manchester. 

What makes a good Client Representative?

Ideal Client Representatives will have a deep understanding of the client's goals, requirements, and expectations. This knowledge is essential for aligning project procedures with client objectives and ensuring that the final deliverables meet or exceed client expectations. Communication and Relationship Management is crucialto succeed in this role. 

Client Representatives will ideally have experience in the field, as they will need to be meet quality assurance standards, guaranteeing that the final product meets the agreed-upon criteria and complies with industry regulations. They will need to engage in technical risk management, compliance and regulatory oversight and timely project delivery, helping to overcome challenges and avoid potential issues that could impact project success.

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Why ersg can help:

Since 2008, ersg have placed over 1,500 Client Reps across Europe, USA and Asia, across various packages, whether it’s managing the installation of cables, marine or trenching, with access to a network of 500,000 candidates and specialist teams ready to deploy candidates or teams of professionals to your projects, ersg are here to support. For a full list of Client Rep roles, visit our website and find out about live jobs here: https://www.ersg-global.com/jobs

Client Testimonial: “The Client Representatives made a serious contribution to the project by assisting the Engineer and Contractor with their knowledge and experience and helped to complete this complex project successfully in time.” 

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