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wind technician jobs at ersg

Global Framework - Asia

We were engaged to fill critical roles to support global on/offshore wind projects in Asia; utilising experienced resources from Europe.


  • Utilised our networks and offices for finding candidates.

  • Legal team sourced visas & work permits for all workers.

  • Compliance team ensured local labour laws were adhered to.


  • Hired 300 workers.

  • Reduced time to hire for 85+ offshore & onshore projects.

“The roles ersg have been able to assist with have ranged from permanent positions in the Project Management team to project-based employees onsite as Turbine Installation Supervisors. ersg has consistently demonstrated a willingness to understand our requirements, the market knowledge to assist in shaping those and the professionalism to find candidates who meet those requirements. Their professionalism, attention to detail and willingness to work within our processes has been greatly appreciated and ensures they will continue to be a key partner for us”

– Regional HR Business Partner