Client Advice Re COVID-19

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Client Advice Re COVID-19

​The updates in relation to Coronavirus (Covid-19) are changing daily so we want to ensure, as our clients, that you know ersg are here to support you.

What can ersg do to help?

Mobilisation – since the outbreak of COVID-19 many countries have placed restrictions on travel which is obviously having an impact on Clients projects as the availability of highly skilled manpower is limited.

ersg have been operating since 2008 and from our 9 offices across the globe have built up a candidate database of over 100,000 highly skilled professionals. We can provide localised candidates to ensure projects have the best support to run on time out of our global network of candidates.

What solutions can ersg offer?
Due to current market disruptions we understand that some projects must either continue as planned, slow down or be put on hold completely.

We are available to:
•Supply flexible workforce solution in the form of temporary labour to ensure critical projects can continue with minimal delay.
•Supply consultative services to projects that need to slow down but need technical input
•Supply a temp to perm solution so clients can engage a short-term hire on a contract basis with the option to take that person on permanently in the future
•Employ, sponsor work permits and payroll candidates

ersg insist on using a consultative approach to answer our client’s needs, meaning we deliver quality results with superior on-going support. Our consultants are specialists in their highly, technical, vertical markets therefore covering the diverse staffing needs of the global marketplace.

You can read further information regarding ersg’s communication regarding COVID-19 here or find contact details for your local office here