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PSL Supplier - China, UAE, South Korea

Our client was having difficulty with sourcing talent due to compliance, administration burdens, delay in visa processes and location issues.


  • Partnered with payroll provider ensuring compliance and taxes were paid in country and local labour laws were adhered to when engaging with local talent.

  • Sourced visas, visa applications, scheduling appointments and coordinated documents.

  • Went to the Embassy in London to manually process the applications to meet deadline.

  • Used excellent referrals, networking & international offices to find candidates.


  • Hired all positions required.

  • Ensured our workers could get a priority service to be ready for the project.

“The project went through a tender process to select specialised companies for recruitment services across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. ersg were selected as one of the preferred suppliers based on their knowledge within the offshore wind industry, prior experience across our projects and their compliance in relation to the supply of contractors within these regions. ​As a company, ersg have shown extensive knowledge within the industry, and the supply of skilled personnel for project needs, as well as payroll and compliance processes that adhere to local labour laws and legislation. ​ersg have been instrumental in supplying the project with expat and localised personnel across the UAE, China and South Korea and I would not hesitate in recommending their services."

- Senior Project Quality Manager